The glass is lightly printed to diffuse and slightly distort the image, ensuring privacy without loss of brightness. With elegant designs coupled with high quality our patterned glass makes a great choice for doors, boxes, partitions, furniture, frames, among other applications. Check out our gallery for our range of patterns!
Patterned glass has the advantage of providing you with privacy whilst allowing light to flow into the room. It can also be used to provide a decorative feature to a door or partition. The depth, size and density of the pattern determine the level of obscurity offered by the glass and is rated on a scale of 1-5 with 1 being the least obscure and 5 offering the most obscurity.
Patterned glass derives its name from the texture that is imprinted on one side of the glass surface using a rolled glass process. The process begins with the molten glass mixture being floated through two counter rotating rollers which are water cooled. One of these rollers has the pattern on the surface whilst the other is smooth giving the glass an imprinted pattern on one side leaving it smooth on the other. The thickness of the glass is determined by the distance between the two rollers. Once cooled, the glass is then cut into the required sheet sizes.
The art of textured or patterned glass dates back to the early 1800s when it was first invented to create patterns in handles for furniture. Over the following decades, the techniques for creating patterns in glass were further developed  in the United Sates and parts of Europe until the 1900s when it was readily available due to mass production.
Today Patterned glass can be used in a whole variety situations in the commercial and residential sectors. Uses can include door panels, bathroom and laundry windows, shower and bath screens, interior partitions, balustrading, shelving and decorative furniture. Most of the textures can be toughened to comply with the requirements of Australian Standards AS 2208 and AS 1288 –2006 giving you peace of mind that whilst providing a decorative feature the glass is safe to use. Please see our Gallery page for specific technical information.